• McDonalds on Royal/35 Has Shooting

    McDonalds on Royal/35 Has Shooting0

    A quadruple shooting occurred in the parking lot of the McDonald’s restaurant on Royal Lane and near I-35 in Westhollow. The Dallas police stated that four men between 18 and 21 were shot as they stood in the parking lot early in the morning. So far no arrests have been made.

  • Sparkman Club has 4th Events

    Sparkman Club has 4th Events0

    Sparkman Club Fourth of July Celebration is one of the largest in the Westhollow area. Sparkman Club has a very active and engaged community organization as well as lively pool in the summer and community participation. Each street is represented in the parade by its own float.  Creative and fun for the whole family! Photos

  • Withers Elementary School Lauded

    Withers Elementary School Lauded0

      Westhollow is surrounded by a plethora of private schools.  As a matter of fact, Westhollow and Preston Hollow have the most private school institutions per capita in all of Dallas. Harry C. Withers Elementary school, sometimes referred to as “The Little School That Could,” has about 400 students and has held the state’s two

  • Annual Rockers vs Mods Classic Car Event Success

    Annual Rockers vs Mods Classic Car Event Success0

    Every year the unofficial Rockers vs Mods event on Forest Lane in Westhollow (Forest and Marsh) takes place in the Albertson’s parking lot. Despite futile efforts of the organizers to garner support from District councilwoman Ann Margolin or Mayor Mike Rawlings, it presses on.   If the councilwoman or Mayor would support this event it

  • Marsh & Walnut Hill Accident Leaves Car Split In Two

    Marsh & Walnut Hill Accident Leaves Car Split In Two0

    Tuesday evening a single car accident at Walnut Hill Lane and Marsh Lane in Westhollow resulted in the Grand Marquis being split in two and strewn across the street After hitting a large tree. It was reported neat the driver had been seen speeding from a cold stop at a nearby light before crashing into

  • Westhollow Northwest Dallas Man Slain in Home Found Saturday0

    Elderly resident of the Westhollow area of Dallas, also known as Northwest Dallas, was found slain in his home Saturday morning. The man, Harry Noble, of 3919 Deep Vally Drive near the intersection of Forest Lane and Cox Lane, was identified by police after being called to the residence. Apparently Noble was found by co-workers