• Jennifer Staubach Gates Has No Soul

    Jennifer Staubach Gates Has No Soul11

    Much like the rest of the City of Dallas, Westhollow’s streets issue is dire.  I have had many conversations with the community in Northwest Dallas about our streets and everyone is frustrated and unhappy with the city’s response. I took it upon myself to meet with one of Westhollow’s City Council Representatives, Jennifer Staubach-Gates a

  • Top Stories of 2015 in Westhollow

    Top Stories of 2015 in Westhollow0

    Top Stories of 2015 in Westhollow It’s the end of 2015 and we wanted to review the biggest stories affecting the Westhollow area this year.  Everything from age old issues such as street repair and city council apathy to major drama on a local social network and beyond, it’s been an eventful year! The Westhollow

  • Internet Trolls

    Internet Trolls1

    Excerpts By J. Carroll What is an “Internet Troll,” — basically the Bitter Bettys who negatively comment on anything and everything posted on the Internet. The Westhollow Society, a local non-profit working to improve the Northwest Dallas area, has been a victim of it as well when posting about their efforts on Nextdoor, Facebook, etc. It’s