• Minyard SunFresh Market to Become FIESTA

    Minyard SunFresh Market to Become FIESTA1

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    • October 26, 2016

    As of November 9th, the Minyard SunFresh Market will become a FIESTA Food Mart. Congratulations Westhollow!  Fiestas are typically in lower-end neighborhoods and cater to predominately low-wage earner families. A PID would have been able to prevent this from happening in this location but unfortunately the cacophony of naysayers have allowed this to happen. You

  • Northwest Dallas Man Shot another for Cell Phone

    Northwest Dallas Man Shot another for Cell Phone0

    Dallas police say across the city, robberies of individuals are up 21 percent from last year. Homicides are up more than 40 percent. Residents in Gustavo Vargas’ neighborhood say they’re losing confidence police can protect them. It was broad daylight when two robbers attacked 52-year-old Gustavo Vargas. He’d just gotten home from work. Priscilla Garcia

  • Northwest Dallas Podcast – May 2016

    Northwest Dallas Podcast – May 20160

    Westhollow Northwest Dallas Podcast On our 2nd podcast we discuss: Everyone going crazy over Appraisals & the truth about your taxes! Asphalt or Concrete. Why is the city going the more expensive route for a temporary fix? A Park Forest resident is confronted by an armed man in her back yard! S.W.A.T teams and Drugs

  • Sinkholes in Westhollow

    Sinkholes in Westhollow0

    With all of the incessant rain we’ve been having the past few weeks, it was no surprise that a sinkhole opened up in Westhollow Wednesday morning. A man in a pickup truck got stuck in it just after midnight while he was driving on Channel Drive in the Walnut Hills area of Dallas.  The man said he felt a

  • Park Forest Trolls

    Park Forest Trolls0

    Isn’t it funny when an old woman and a lonely tired Queen in your neighborhood are so obsessed with you and your organization that it fills their days and nights with endless attempts to reach out to you, to communicate with you, to bash you, and to try so desperately to have any type of contact with

  • Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?

    Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?6

    According to an article by Robert Wilonsky for DMN, “if a 5.6 magnitude quake were to happen, northwest Dallas, West Dallas and downtown would bear the brunt, according to the U.S. Geological Survey ShakeMap included in the FEMA report.” Most insurance companies do not include earthquake insurance with homeowners policies, it’s typically a separate policy from your